New England Advocacy Services                                                                                                        Helping to Close the Gap on Victim Services in Rhode Island





Overall Purpose
     NEAS' assists clients on a personal, one-to-one level.  Many victims NEAS assists need emotional support, are scared due to the severity of the abuse, have special needs, mental illness or other disabilities so it is very important that our clients receive as much emotional support as possible.  We hope to create a healthy, trusting bond with our clients. NEAS will be with our client from the start, sitting through court proceedings, interviews, and other matters where victim may come in contact with their abuser.  We give emotional support, explain the court process and help victims to explore options and develop a safety plan, if necessary.
     If needed, NEAS will meet the client at their transportation prior to court and will accompany them back to their transportation after court.  We don’t want there to be a time where our client is in fear of their abuser.

     When case is disposed of and abuser is sentenced, NEAS will keep in contact with the client, making sure they are not in need of additional services or resources and to make sure their family and themselves are doing fine.

     NEAS works cooperatively with all victim organizations and advocates assisting our clients.

     NEAS is not a provider of emergency shelter, counseling, support groups, etc., but NEAS takes into account victims individual circumstances and needs and makes the necessary referrals to organizations specializing in those needs.  NEAS will assist our client in contacting these organizations for such services so that individuals and families can heal and rebuild their lives.

Organizing Special Events
    NEAS organizes FREE events and collections to assist victims of abuse.  Check the "Calendar of Events" to see what services are upcoming.
Assisting Attorneys
     NEAS will advocate for victims who are represented by attorneys.  Having a personal advocate will help relieve some of the stress associated with going to court.
Court Advocacy Program

     Your NEAS advocate is not a court advocate, but will be with you throughout the case, working cooperatively with law enforcement advocates and court advocate.

    The purpose of the Court Advocacy Program is to support and empower victims of abuse, validate the victim’s concerns, represent the victim’s wishes; guide and assist victims through often difficult court processes, convey their wishes to the prosecutors; if necessary, and promote the victim’s access to services.
Temporary Restraining Orders
       A majority of our work is accompanying victims who are seeking or have already applied for a temporary restraining order and will need an NEAS advocate to accompany them in court.  NEAS' advocate provides assistance in obtaining Superior, Family and District Court restraining orders.  the NEAS advocate will explain the process prior to applying for the restraining order and will accompany the victim to the court house.  When the victim returns to court, NEAS will accompany the victim to this hearing so that the victim will not have to be in court alone with the abuser present.

























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