New England Advocacy Services                                                                                                        Helping to Close the Gap on Victim Services in Rhode Island




About Us

Welcome to New England Advocacy Services (NEAS)

NEAS provides emotional support, resources and personal, individual advocacy to victims of abuse, including, domestic violence and sexual assault. Due to the fact that the targeted clients NEAS assists are scared and need emotional support, it is their voices, their struggles and their experiences which guide our work.

Our Mission

NEAS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide comprehensive services to victims of abuse and to provide resources and awareness on the issue of violence

Officers and Directors

Michelle Langlois
Executive Director/President

Felica Voccio
Vice President

John A. Langlois, Esq.

Mary B. Shekarchi, Esq.

Gayle Weaver, MD


Michelle Langlois, our primary victim advocate, has worked over many years as a legal administrative assistant and legal secretary at various law offices in Rhode Island. She has experience in all types of litigation including, criminal law and domestic law.

Michelle has assisted as a court advocate in District Court, providing services, resources and support for victims of domestic violence.

Since October of 2010, Michelle has worked as a victim advocate assisting victims of abuse for New England Advocacy Services.

Since June of 2014, Michelle has been a hotline volunteer for Day One RI providing victims of abuse in hospitals with resources and emotional support.

Michelle frequently participates in workshops through the RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Day One and other organization's workshops and has over 140 hour of training in the areas of domestic violence and sexual assault.  

These workshops continually educate and keep current resources and information which helps us provide services.

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